CLI Tool: Overview

Virbox Protector provides command line interface tool to developer also, Developer may use the CLI tool to protect application in "Build in" process. Virbox Protector CLI tool includes 2 tools:

Go to \bin, the sub directory of installation directory of Virbox Protector and find:


and DS protector CLI tool:


in Linux Environment:

execute Virbox Protector CLI tool, you can view help information:


To specify your application type, to get help information in detail:

virboxprotector_con --help={}native|dotnet|apk|aar|app|java-bce|java-vme|u3d|u3dres|h5|strip|mulpkg|ilmerge}

Note: "app" here means iOS app.

For example, to get help information to protect native project

virboxprotector_con --help=native

Execute the DSprotector_con.exe, you can view the help information:


Use Virbox Protector CLI tool to Bind license

Use following command to bind License before to use Virbox Protector Command line interface tool:

input Command:

virboxprotector_con.exe -bind
  1. Return,input correspondence selection, Virbox Protector support to bind the license with account or license key;

    Select a binding type:
    1) Bind with account.
    2) Bind with license key.
  2. Use the account to bind license in sample, then input 1 to select account and input password;

  3. all license will be listed, input digit to bind related license, and return to bind the license;

Unbind license

Use following command to bind License

virboxprotector_con.exe -unbind

when all license bound has been listed, input related digit to unbind the license.

For how to use the Virbox Protector CLI tool, pls refer the CLI User manual:

pageCLI Tool: User Manual

Next, We will introduce how to use Virboxprotector GUI tool to protect the:

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