Virbox Protector License (GUI)

We will introduce Virbox License type in this section

Virbox Protector provides 2 kinds of License:

Trial License to Trial user;

Commercial license to formal Virbox Protector user;

Virbox Protector support developer to login or bind the license in both GUI and CLI tool;

Get the Virbox Protector installation package

Virbox Protector support to be installed in the windows, Linux (rpm and deb package) and macOS system environment, developer may select the relevant package to download and install to your machine according the license purchased accordingly.

For Trial license user:

Pls download Virbox Protector Trial Package to install in your machine.

For commercial license user:

Pls download the formal release version package (see screen shot attached below, the blue box marked), use this formal release package to replace trial package installed in your machine previously.

Pls Do Not download the Trial packakge.

Virbox Account & Password

If you have tested Virbox Protector before, use your existed account and password to sign in and use Virbox Protecor.

Virbox Protector License type

Virbox Protector is on premise solution for software application hardening/shielding solution. which can be used both for online/offline environment and it is not necessary for developer to upload the application to the cloud platform for hardening/shielding. all of code hardening/app shielding work can be completed in customer premise and no potential code leaking risk.

License type

Virbox Protector license type support following license container:

Online Environment: Account based Cloud License:

Developer use the email (account) to apply Trial, a temporary password will be sent to your email, and then use the mail and password to login and start the trial.

Usually, the trial license use the account based cloud license, it is quite easy to developer to use license for testing and trial the Virbox Protector.

Online Environment: Account based Soft license:

For Developer who purchase the formal release license of Virbox Protector, Developer need to download the Formal release package and install to your desktop in advance. and then developer use the same email and password (same as the trial account) to sign in Virbox Protector.

Later a Online Binding message box will pop up, as shown in below screenshot, click "Online binding". then you can start to use the Virbox Protector.

Tips: It is necessary to rebind the license per every 180 days.

Developer can unbind present machine and change to bind new machine in 3 times with free. (in case of machine hardware update/change or the person in charge changed).

Offline Environment: License key to activate license

For some developer worked in offline environment, Virbox support to use license key (a series characters) to activate the license and binding the machine in offline environment.

Dongle based license:

License stored in Hardware dongle, For some developer prefer to use dongle based license. they need to buy the dongle (Virbox Elite 5 dongle) and pay relate freight fee to ship the dongle (license inside) and bared import duty accordingly.

No specified machine required for dongle based license. developer are freely to shift machine with the dongle.

**Pls clarify and confirm what kind of license types you prefer when you purchase Virbox Protector's formal release license.

Virbox Documentation and User Manual

Service Support

Version Update/Upgrade:

Release Version update:

Subscription user:

Free update during subscription period

Perpetual user:

Free update within one year, limited in major version.

Major version upgrade :

(i.e. upgrade from to

Subscription user

Free upgrade during subscription period

Perpetual user:

50% off of purchase price after 1 year

Technical Support

email support,

Question, bugs report and patch, technical support, troubleshooting, etc.

contact us at:


Remote support available on request.

online (skype), video conference, teamviewer etc.

Kindly remind

Unlike with SaaS shiledling solution, as a pure on premise code hardening/app shielding solution, Virbox Protector do not set limitation to software developer regarding to the size, times, projects, versions of application being protected/shielding.

Software developer is not allowed to use Virbox Protector to provide application hardening/shield service to any of third party.

Term of condition in details refer the EULA when you install Virbox Protector.

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