Purchase Virbox License

We will introduce Virbox commercial license and how to buy Virbox License

Virbox Protector support developer to protect mobile applications (Android and iOS) and traditional desktop/server application/project (C/C++, C#, Java or scripting language)

Virbox Protector License will be available by program language, system environment, Architecture: includes following license:

Native language license: support to protect C/C++, Delphi, Golang, those native language; developer also need to specify the operation system;

.NET platform license: support to protect C#, VB program Language; License supports cross platform;

Java License; Protect Java application and project;

Scripting language License: include Python license, Javascript language; HTML 5 license; etc.

ARM Linux license; Protect the application running in ARM Linux system

Android AAB/APK license; Protect Android DEX package;

Android .so Library license: Protect Android .so library with the most secured "Virtualization"

Android AAR license: Protect Android SDK package

iOS license: Protect iOS applications;

macOS license: Protect mac applications;

Virbox provides both subscription and perpetual license to developer (for some license, only subscription license available;

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