Virbox Protector


On premise solution, Right choice to developer to protect/Shield your desktop and mobile applications: App, Apk, AAB, AAR, .so & iOS apps.

All in One features: Shielding & Code hardening, Encryption, Virtualization, To secure your source code and data asset & resource, effective to defend application to against static attack and dynamical analysis.

Codless effort and easy to use, GUI and CLI tool available for Developer. support to shield and protect your software project in post protection and Buiild in process.

Virbox Protector, is the latest code hardening and app shielding tool for software developer to protect their software copyright and IP which integrated with multi layer of encryption and protection technology: Virtualization, Obfuscation, Smart compression, Code encryption, Data and resource protection, Detecting Hardware breakpoint, Detecting Memory breakpoint, Code and Memory Integrity Check, etc. It is the powerful protection tools for software developer to protect their software and critical code, algorithm without additional coding, with easy to use and effortless feature.

Virbox Protector support following Operation system environment and program languages with different of license:

System Environments:

Windows: Windows 7 and above version

Linux: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian-9.4.0

Mac: OX 10.4 and above version

Android System (Protect Unity3D apk, .so library), 4.0 and above version supported

ARM Linux (V7/V8 architecture)

Program languages:

C, C++, .NET, .Net Core3, Java, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 4, Delphi XE7 or above version, PB, BCB, C#, VB6.0, Python, Lua, Perl, R, Ruby, PHP, HTML 5, etc.

File protected:

exe, dll, elf, .so libs, dylibs, AutoCAD ARX, JAR, WAR, PY, Apk, AAB, AAR etc;


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