Sign up and apply trial license

Virbox Protector (Standalone) provides "trial edition" and for software developer to test and evaluate the protection performance.

Good to know:

Trial License valid with 30 days, and the protected program by use of Virbox Protector trial license can be executed within 7 days only and it can not be used for formal software released.

Trial license is "Cloud based License", after install the trial package into your machine, Developer use email and password to login Virbox Protector account, then you can start testing and protection.

For Commercial license, Virbox Protector support the "Soft license" and "License key", which need to bind with developer machine. in some case, Virbox Protector also support to provide the dongle based license if required.

Sign up in Virbox Protector website

Go to Virbox Protector website, fill in the apply form to apply trial license;

Then your email will received email contained the temprary password;

Download and install the Virbox Protector's trial package via Virbox website

and you can find the Virbox Protector GUI tools in the sub directory of the installation path of Virbox Protector: \bin:


Virbox Protector support developer to protect their projects both in GUI tools and CLI tools.

Developer can find Virbox Protector CLI tools in same sub directory of installation path also:


Executed the Virbox Protector GUI tools and Use your email and temporary password to sign in Virbox Protector

You also can find the DS Protector, a protection tool used to protect Data resource of your software applications in \Bin directory:

DS Protector GUI Tools:


DS Protector CLI tools:


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